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Mission statement

Mission statement

Our mission is to contribute to society through exciting urban planning and architecture. We are committed to creating varied experiences for the users of our developments while employing environmentally conscious and sustainable design to help establish a safe and comfortable world for future generations. We have completed numerous international projects with designs based on our combined experiences of both Japanese and American culture. Drawing upon the creative talents and international savvy of our team, we seek to contribute to the enhancement of the built environment and to the creation of cities and architecture worldwide.

Jun Mitsui
Architect   AIA,JIA

After graduating from Tokyo University in 1978, Jun Mitsui practiced at Shinich Okada Architects in Japan until 1982. He received his Master of Architecture from Yale University in 1984 and then practiced at Cesar Pelli & Associates, Inc. until 1992. He returned to Tokyo as a principal of Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects, Japan and went on to found Jun Mitsui & Associates, Architects in 1995. He is a member of AIA, JIA and Japan Architects Academy. In 2007, he served as the AIA Japan component president. Jun Mitsui is a licensed architect in both Japan and the United States, he and his firm have been honored with numerous architectural awards.

History & Philosophy

I met my mentor Cesar Pelli when I was studying for my masters at Yale University and I saw the post-modern architecture of 1980s America right in front of me in Cesar’s office, which became the foundation of my design activities. Being able to open my own office in Japan began from when I met him.

What is the purpose of architectural design? —
The purpose is to make towns joyful and affluent, and give them a pleasurable quality and security. It’s based on my mentor Cesar Pelli’s philosophy of “DESIGN ON RESPONSE” and is what I aim to create; drawing from the architectural education I received from him and the work collaborations from before. DESIGN ON RESPONSE is responding to the local culture and township, and create designs which grow with the town like a living entity. With this philosophy in mind, design is carried out with accurate insights into the surrounding natural environment, township, culture, history, people using the building and various other design conditions. Just as the design philosophy was passed from Eero Saarinen to Cesar Pelli, I was also passed the philosophy from Pelli and would like to expand, develop and pass it on in my own way to the next generation. I think getting involved in creating towns and architecture which last for many generations is the mission of all architects.

Opportunities to get involved in a lot of projects outside of Japan have increased in recent years. I have been able to see that there aren’t many differences in the basic conditions relating to what makes people feel happy beyond the frame of culture and tradition. Abundant and beautiful nature, lively towns and architecture with secure and rich expressions, can continuously provide universal value beyond the country’s borders and generations. We, as specialists in creating cities and architecture, would like to respond to our clients’ needs and the expectations of the society with our best efforts.

Cesar Pelli


Cesar Pelli was born in Argentina where he earned a Diploma in Architecture from the University of Tucuman. He first worked in the office Eero Saarinen serving as Project Designer for several building, including the TWA Terminal at JFK Airport in New York and Morse and Stiles College at Yale University. After this apprenticeship, he was Director of Design at DMJM and, later, Partner for Design at Gruen Associate, both in Los Angeles. Throughout these years, he designed several United Nations office and conference center in Vienna and United States Embassy in Tokyo, Japan In 1977, Mr.Pelli became Dean of the Yale University school of Architecture and also founded Cesar Pelli & Associates. In 2005, in recognition of the increased role of the firm’s principals, the firm was renamed Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects.


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