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What we do

We proceed with projects through having interactive ‘dialogues’. The ‘dialogue’ is not just about communicating with clients in different languages; we make full use of tools like design models, plans, sketches and computer renders to try to understand each other fully and come up with the best design. We use this ‘dialogue’ technique to develop inspirations and make decisions, and come up with a design which satisfy clients and everyone’s requests.

The world is our where we work. The differences between countries, cities, areas, cultures and histories create new possibilities of designs and we believe it directly effects the urban development which suits the place best. We, designers based in Japan, are able to bring our Japanese sensibilities to the rest of the world, and as the No.1 design office in Asia we can contribute positively to any international urban developments.

Our mission is to gather talented ‘individuals’ who contribute their knowledge and know-how to create the best new urban spaces. We think that for a city to be attractive and lively, it must have diversity while having consistency. We apply the same principle when hiring new staff, we look for talented people from various backgrounds, ages, gender and nationalities, who can create accomplished designs; the collaboration between all these individuals is our strength.


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