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Message from Jun Mitsui

Would you like to work with us on “Machi Zukuri” (City Developments) which enrich people’s lives?
Let’s explore the world and the future together.

A city needs good architectural design; whether it’s a tower you see through the car window, time spent in your favorite café, or a park where you can feel the summer breeze. We are consistently working to create a special landscape to enrich people’s everyday lives.

Whether it is design that excites people or landscape that is so beautiful it makes people want to stop and take a better look; we are an architectural design office which specializes in creating a rich and exciting lifestyle for people living in cities. We go beyond the boundaries of the property, and aim to create an attractive space that has unity between the building, the landscape, the interior and the lighting design.

Whenever we are designing we have a clear image of the city’s future in our minds, and create designs based on those images. We wish to deliver richness and happiness to people through our designs; whether it is a continuation of the lively interior space to the exterior, or walkways that welcome the warm sunlight filtered through the trees. Our designs don’t just cater for the locals, but instead it is for everyone.

The goal is to fulfill the mission which Cesar Pelli has handed down, which is “to create a city which can be passed on to the future generations”, and it cannot be achieved without ideas, skills, knowledge, and technical abilities. This is why we are always looking for talented people, someone with skills which we can help to develop and contributes towards the team.

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