• Interior Designer

Sara Yamashita(Former employee)

  • 2 years with the company
  • Joined as a new graduate in 2017

Pride and joy contributing
my design in a building


Many exciting days than I expected

What surprised me when I started work at JMA/PCPAJ was, I was able to be involved in big projects even with little experience. I was concerned at first because I was a vocational school graduate. As I received detailed instructions from my senior colleagues, I started to think, I’m young, so I’ll give it a try. I was able to work harder and proactively. I feel the weight of responsibility in the designs I draw becomes I am creating something that people will use. My job is challenging however it is also rewarding. Many think that interior designers only choose the furniture. The truth is, they are responsible not only for the furniture, but also for the floors, walls, ceilings, and the entire space of the building. Sometimes we collaborate with an artist to design an interior. I have come to realize, interior design covers a wide range of tasks. My days at work are exciting.


An equal office environment

In the interior design meetings, we are sometimes given 10 minutes to come up with few proposals. We each write out our ideas on a small piece of paper without attaching our names. When the time is up, the notes are collected and arranged on the table to discuss the ideas. I was surprised the first time I participated in this type of discussion. I was able to actively be part of the design progress because my opinion was treated equally. When my own ideas are positively evaluated, I feel happy and it gives me confidence.


A comment from the principal architect that led to my first overseas trip!

Our workplace has a cozy and pleasant atmosphere. When a project comes to an end, the team often has a celebration party. I will never forget the party we had to celebrate the win of a competition project I was involved in my first year. We went out to eat steak and to have a toast. That was when our principal, Mr. Mitsui said to me, “You should go to New York for inspiration. In New York, you can see design everywhere you look.” I went to New York that summer following his advice. It was my first abroad trip. By a curious turn of fate, I will be going to New York again for an interior design project. I am looking forward to this trip.


A typical day for me

  • 9:20

    Getting to work

    I like to start working as soon as I arrive at the office. Therefore, I finish checking my schedule and email for the day on the train to work. I organize the tasks to do for the day for the three projects I am in charge of and share the schedule with the team.
  • Design work

    I develop proposals for clients with different concepts. Then, I prepare materials to convey our design ideas by making 3D model drawings. I also search the sample storage for materials to show the client. If we don’t have materials such as glass and stainless steel, I ask the manufacturers for them.
  • 12:30


    After spending the morning in the office, I feel like going out to refresh myself. I often go out for lunch with one of my peers. There is a tendon (tempura rice bowl) restaurant that I like that gives you a free cup of juice during lunchtime. During lunch, we exchange information about work, or just chat and relax. This person and I graduated from the same vocational school, we are a friendly rival, and well as work colleague that value each other’s company.
  • Presentation + feedback

    During the presentation for the client, I assist the team leader who does most of the talking. I prepare the documents and materials in an organized way for the presentation to go smoothly. I also take notes. After coming back to the office, I create a data from the feedback from the client. I start considering new designs by creating 3D models and drawings according to what was said in the interview. In this way, a project is never finished even after a presentation. We will have lots of things to do after returning to the office.
  • 19:00

    after work

    After work, I go out for a drink or watch a late-night movie at a theater to refresh myself. When I get stuck at work, I consult my boss over a meal. On the days off, I sometimes enjoy sports with people from the office. I lead a fulfilling life by cherishing my time.



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