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2012, 2013 / Residential

Park City Musasino-Sakurazutumi + Park City Musasino-Sakurazutumi Oukei-tei

2012, 2013
Project name
Park City Musasino-Sakurazutumi + Park City Musasino-Sakurazutumi Oukei-tei
Sakurazutumi 2 Musashino-shi Tokyo, Jpan MAP
Mitsui Fudosan Residential Co.,Ltd.
Total floor area
37,774.75㎡, 12,093.51㎡
Floor, Structure
9F, RC
Project Team
Design Architect / Jun Mitsui & Associates
Good Design Award 2013
Naoomi Kurozumi

About the Project

Park City Musashino-Sakurazutumi and Park City Musashino-Sakurazutumi Oukei-tei (Sakura view house) are part of a large-scale residential development with a total of 550 units in the residential area of Sakurazutsumi in Musashino City that is full of greenery and away from the downtown hustle and bustle.

Planning the buildings around the existing trees as much as possible, allowed the excellent lush green environment to be maintained. The location expands into residential areas, so the design uses calm earth tones that shine amongst the greenery but still reflect the residential history of the surrounding habitat. By segmenting the walls of the large-scale buildings into smaller parts and applying delicate details the buildings are able to comfortably sit side by side with the districts many other smaller buildings.

Although the 2 projects were planned for completion one year apart, they were designed to look continuous and integral to a well-planned townscape.
The preceding and larger-scale Park City Musashino-Sakurazutumi contains a generous courtyard and has a sense of stability in its design. On the other hand, the following Musashino-Sakurazutumi Oukei-tei creates a spacious and pleasant feeling by having the design open out onto a large park in front. The different approaches to harmonizing with the surrounding environment are expressed in the façade designs.

Also in addition to the main entrance, the entrances to each building are designed to be different, each reflecting an individual personality and creating diversity, while still remaining consistent as a single development.
We are confident that this is an excellent example of good planning and design which ensures harmony with the surrounding environment, while moving away from the uniformity of design usually seen in the suburbs of a city.



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