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New Year Greeting from Jun Mitsui

Happy New Year, 2021!!

2020 was the year of COVID-19 Pandemic that overwhelmed all the cities and streets in the world. It was also the year that made us think about what we can do as a company or as an individual. This year, our company would like to put all our professional skills and knowledge together to mitigate global warming which is one of the important causes of natural disasters and pandemics. Our goal is to contribute to the achievement of a safe, sustainable, and comfortable society.

The cities, where we work and live, have been going through dramatic changes in the Pandemic. More efficient and creative ways of working have been invented. The time spent with families are increasing and the family value has been adjusted in a significant way. Accordingly, the workplace design, residential design, commercial design, public building/space design, and the structure of the city itself are requesting new forms. We are committed to creating responsive designs that are needed by societies.

At the same time, the many discoveries have been unveiled by COVID-19. For example, there are many jobs that could be performed efficiently in remote without commuting to the office by holding a video conference. It actually has many good benefits: it allows to connect several points in the world with different time zones and to save time to travel. Now, video conferences became the norm very much, and as a result, we can spend more time with family. However, we found there are some types of conferences that require face to face communication. Especially for us, as design professionals who deal with materials and colors, it is much more efficient and creative to have face to face meetings in the same daylight.

For us, 2021 will be the year of “Exploration and Challenge” in that we explore City and Architectural issues and challenges to find optimum solutions for a better society. We, as one team, will make our best effort to find new values for society and we really look forward to working with you.

Happy and Prosperous New year!



5th January, 2020
Jun Mitsui AIA, JIA
Jun Mitsui & Associates Inc. Architects
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