• Laboratory, Hall, Restaurant, R&D, Office 2020

    H.U. Bioness Complex

    Biophilic Village, a “town” for medical examinations and research

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  • Showroom, Shop, Auto Repair shop 2022

    Hiroshima Mazda Saijo

    Following the Ongoing “Mazda” Brand Philosophy in Design

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  • Office 2022

    Prestige International Akita BPO Nikaho Campus

    A venue for exchange between the company and the community

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  • Residential 2022

    Brillia Tower Seiseki-sakuragaoka BLOOMING RESIDENCE

    A Landmark Worthy of the Gateway to Tama

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  • Office, Commercial, Educational, Retail, Public 2022

    Furumachi Rufuru

    A stacked-up design

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