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  • JMA Kansai Office will participate Ikefes Osaka 2022

JMA Kansai Office will participate Ikefes Osaka 2022

JMA Kansai Office will participate Ikefes Osaka 2022.

■ Office opening day
Date: October 29th (Sat), 30th (Sun) 10:30-15:30 *Both days will be open at the same time.
Location: Kansai Office
〒530-0043 Optec Daiei Building 7F, 2-1-29 Temma, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

On the day of the event, sketches and models drawn by our representative will be exhibited, and you will also be able to talk with our architectural designer!We look forward to welcoming people who are interested in architectural work and those who like architecture.


■ Abeno Harukas Tour
・Tour date and time: Sunday, October 30, 2022 14:00-15:00
・Capacity: 15 people※Please apply in advance from the Ikefes HP

Free invitation to Harukas Observation Floor! Our representative will introduce the design concept of Harukas while going up to the observation floor of Harukas!


《What is IKEFES》
The Living Architecture Museum Festival Osaka (IKEFES OSAKA) is one of the largest architectural events in Japan, where the attractive architecture of Osaka is open to the public all at once every fall weekend. From historic buildings that have been preserved over a long period of time to modern architecture with innovative designs, from the masterpieces of that architect to coffee shops in town that retain the atmosphere of the Showa period, there are over 100 exhibits that tell the charm of the city of Osaka in various ways. “Living architecture” opens its doors all at once.



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