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  • New Year Greeting from Jun Mitsui

New Year Greeting from Jun Mitsui

  • ©Aya Kawabata

Happy New Year.
I wish you all the very best for the New Year.

Cities are inherited and evolve. Architecture and landscapes also evolve to nurture the evolution of cities.

Based on the philosophy of People > Machi > Architecture > Architect, we will create and develop various ideas in line with the demands of the times, and keep contributing to the evolution of the cities leading to the future.

Our goal is to bring together our outstanding architectural design, landscape design, interior design and monokoto design, and contribute to the development of safe, attractive and sustainable cities.

This year, we will continue to produce a variety of designs that meet the expectations of the world.

5th January, 2023
Jun Mitsui AIA, JIA
Jun Mitsui & Associates Inc. Architects
Pelli Clarke & Partners Japan, Inc.



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