2025 New Graduates 1st requirements
(Join in April 2025)

The 1st requirements for new graduates in 2025 has closed

Application must arrive by 2024/3/29.


Architectural designer / Landscape designer / Interior designer


Graduates from universities with undergraduate or master’s degrees before March 2025.(Join in April 2025)

We are looking for
  • English fluency is essential. Business level Japanese is also essential.(must:N2 welcome:N1)
  • Someone with excellent design skill; the ability to come up with many suitable design options.
  • Someone educated in architectural design, interior design or landscape design and is determined.
  • Someone with cooperativeness and engage in work seriously.
Salary /

Salary(April 2023)

Vocational school graduate 3,146,065 yen/year (242,005 yen/month, incl. benefits)

University graduate 3,185,000yen/year (245,000 yen/month, incl. benefits)

Master’s graduate 3,315,000 yen/year (255,000 yen/month, incl. benefits)

Bonus is paid twice a year, and salary is reviewed once a year.
Working hours: 9:30am – 6:30pm
Holidays: Weekends (Saturdays and Sundays), public holidays, refresh holiday, end of year holiday, and paid leave
Insurance: Health insurance, Employees’ pension insurance, Employment insurance, worker’s accident compensation insurance

Work location

Lexington Plaza Nishi-Gotanda
5-2-4 Nishi-Gotanda,
Tokyo 141-0031 Japan

Optec Daiei Bldg. 7F
2-1-29 Temma,
Kita-ku Osaka-shi,
Osaka 530-0043 Japan

Fuji Bldg. 2F
1-1-17 Imazumachi
Yamaguchi 740-0017 Japan

Recruitment process


Please send one set of your application documents to the below Email address

《Email address》
Jun Mitsui & Associates Inc. Architects
HR contact

※Please convert the application documents into PDF and send it to with the subject and attached document name specified by us.
※Application must arrive by 2024/3/29.


First stage (CV review)

After the acceptance period ends, we will review the items one by one.


Second stage (Interview in Japanese)

After the end of the acceptance period, we will review in order.


Third stage (Practical test/ Interview in Japanese)


Fourth stage (Final Interview in Japanese)


Offer of employment


Join the company

About the required documents

Required documents
  • Your CV (Please indicate your email address.)
  • Self-promotion (About 1 A3 size paper, such as reasons for applying and your goals after you join the company, analysis of your specialty, etc.)
  • Portfolio (an introduction to your works in A3 or A4 format)
  • Academic results (the latest records, and for master’s degree please indicate the department)

※Please convert the application documents into PDF and send it to with the subject and attached document name specified by us.
※Please convert your document to PDF.
※Please limit attachments to 20MB.

Email address for Submission of documents

《Email address》
Jun Mitsui & Associates Inc. Architects
HR contact

※ Please indicate your name on the subject line and the attachment in your email.
ex)Subject line
【Architectural designer】TaroYamada_2024 Graduate entry

【Architectural designer】TaroYamada_2024 Graduate entry_CV・Self-promotion・Portfolio・Academic results.pdf

Use of personal information related to recruitment

We respect the stated rules in addition to the related laws about the appropriate protection and use of personal information;
we aim to provide the appropriate protection and use of personal information when recruiting,
and continue to work on improving our personal information protection and management system within the company.


Please feel free to contact us
about our company’s services, design works,
projects and recruitment.