Residential / 2014

Type Residential
Service Architecture / Landscape / Interior
Client Continetal Develpoment Crop.
Project Team Design Architect/Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects Japan, Inc.
Construction -
Total floor area 26,104.98㎡
Floor, Structure 26F/B3F, S/RC
Location 162,Sec. 1, Zhongshan Rd., Banqiao Dist., New Taipei City, Taiwan
Photograph Naoomi Kurozumi

About the Project

MODESTY HOME is an ultra luxurious condominium built in Taipei for a famed construction company, this was our first project that we completed in Taiwan and it took seven years from design to completion. In Taiwan, the government design review takes six months to two years to pass, so it was a great experience gaining an understanding of their country’s system and the time it takes to carry out the process. Across the site, the same client had an ongoing large housing complex development with a postmodern design being carried out by a designer invited from the US. This project adopted a style of contrasting modern design that wasn’t restricted to just a singular western style prototype, making it a design that looked ahead to the future and made it a reality. The advanced looking design shows an impression of the mountain forest of Taiwan which stretches up straight into the sky from the ground, and clearly indicates its relationship with Taiwan. We worked on the interior design of the common space creating a modern luxurious look that we proudly feel has earned us a high rating in Taiwan.



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