Rin Okajima岡島 鈴

  • 6 years with the company
  • Joined mid-career in 2017

Creating through collaboration
That is the feature of JMA


Moments of feeling pleasure and growth

Various kinds of communication are actively taking place in the office, and I am increasingly participating in projects from their inception, collaborating with members of the architecture and landscape to examine the design. In the beginning, I was often supported by the staff around me, but as I gained knowledge and experience through projects, I was able tome up with ideas as an interior designer, which made me happy.

Also, when a project is completed and we start considering the next project, I feel that I have grown in that I now have the time to look back on how we proceeded in the previous project. In the early days, I was desperate to catch up with the team members and often pushed forward frantically, but now I am finally able to calmly get involved in the project.

I have been working on this project since I first joined the company. I sometimes think back to those days when I was struggling to keep up with meetings because of everything I didn’t understand. When I think of how dependable my seniors were back then, I sometimes wonder if I am now doing as well as them, but I hope we can continue to work together as a team to carry out projects in the future.


Office environment with an open culture

This is a workplace where opinions are accepted regardless of years of experience, as long as there is a solid reason for your designs and ideas and they are deemed beneficial to the project. On the other hand, it is essential to prepare in advance for meetings, where your opinions are often solicited. There is a lot of involvement with the representative, Mr. Mitsui, or other departments, not only in business interactions. Those who are interested can participate in English classes taught by the representative himself. You can choose the level of class that suits you best. The class I attend covers a wide range of topics, from “Work and architecture” to more casual topics such as “What do you enjoy doing on your days off? It is a fun time for me to get to know an unexpected side of JMA/PC&PJ members.

Not to mention architecture and landscaping, I think the greatest feature of JMA/PC&PJ Interior Design is that we can create projects in collaboration with clients, designers and constructors. It is usual for projects to have completely different tastes, directions, and ideas, and the fun of creating each project from scratch is what motivates us and drives us to work on the next project.


Creating together

At JMA/PC&PJ, we have projects of different sizes and various timeframes until completion, but it is a very moving and worthwhile experience when a project that I have thoroughly studied and designed is actually completed.

I still often struggle with issues from design proposals to site management and design, but each time I face these issues, I learn from various people, both inside and outside the company. In the future, I would like to carry out each project carefully so that I can make the most of what I have experienced and learned.


A typical day for me

  • 9:30

    Getting to work

    Easily check my email and schedule. After coming to work, I share the schedule at the morning meeting, and then discuss the day's work with the members.
  • Design work

    I develop proposals for clients with different concepts. Then, I prepare materials to convey our design ideas by making 3D model drawings. I also search the sample storage for materials to show the client. If we don’t have materials such as glass and stainless steel, I ask the manufacturers for them.
  • 12:30


    For lunch, I try to go out alone for a change of pace. I can also walk for about 10 minutes while looking for a shop... During lunch break, take a break from work and take a walk while basking in the sun. My favorite is the pizza shop along Yamate-dori. When I place an order, the food is made right in front of me, so it's always freshly made.
  • Presentation + feedback

    During the presentation for the client, I assist the team leader who does most of the talking. I prepare the documents and materials in an organized way for the presentation to go smoothly. I also take notes. After coming back to the office, I create a data from the feedback from the client. I start considering new designs by creating 3D models and drawings according to what was said in the interview. In this way, a project is never finished even after a presentation. We will have lots of things to do after returning to the office.
  • After work

    After work, when I feel like it, I sometimes buy a cake to take home. Since the transfer station is a big station, I try different shops every time while walking. I also bought it for my family, and I'm enjoying trying various things.



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