• project Director

Shuto Sato佐藤 秀人

  • 17 years with the company
  • Joined mid-career in 2005



We treasure design born from in-depth “dialog”

Our designs vary between projects, and we do not have a set architectural style. This is because we have inherited the design philosophy of Cesar Pelli, mentor to Mitsui, who says, “What is required will differ for each project, and an optimal solution is required for each of them.” We treasure the “uniqueness” of each project, including its location and culture, over the “artistry” of the individual architect. Starting with an analysis of the site, we engage in dialog with the client and have the entire team put out ideas to search for the optimal solution for the project. The ideas are refined by multifaceted debate, rather than being unilaterally imposed from the top down, and they become something particular to that project.


We think about architecture from the perspectives of “the town” and “community-building”

The “vibrancy” and “energy” created by people through the trick known as design is what we regard as an important component of the town. We constantly think about design based on people, who are at the center of the town. Moreover, under a philosophy holding that “architecture will become a presence that contributes to society only when it forms part of the town,” we also carry out work to create master plans and design guidelines. Japan has many excellent architects, but Mitsui may be one of the few architects who combines the perspectives of “the town” and “community-building,” not just the architecture on its own.

This attitude is something Mitsui learned from Cesar Pelli, who in turn learned it from Eero Saarinen. Although each has a different architectural design, what is passed down beyond periods and countries is the design attitude of “lending an earnest ear to the client and searching for a design unique to that project alone,” rather than the artistry of the architect, and this design philosophy truly lives on in every member of the staff of JMA/PC&PJ.


For those aiming for JMA/PC&PJ

JMA/PC&PJ is a firm that often collaborates with creators and consultants in a range of fields within and beyond Japan. We look forward to new encounters with people who accept diversity, who are not tied down by narrowly defined frames of “architecture,” and who can work on design with a broad field of view and curiosity.



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