• Senior associate

Hirohisa Ogata

  • Joined 2002

We are recruiting self-driven, motivated designers with excellent communication skills


In our company there are several team leaders in charge of different design teams. I am also one of the team leaders, and we are currently working on community redevelopment and renewal projects. In addition to design and planning within the team, I am also involved in the human resourcing of new projects, such as allocating tasks to the teams, deciding the members of the team, planning project schedules and be involved in the overall management of the company.


Our strength as a company is perhaps the uniqueness of our staff members; every member is outspoken and willing to share their ideas, which creates a lively working environment and allows for constant improvement of the company as a whole. People from other companies are always surprised during our meetings at JMA, PCPAJ, when new staff members can speak up and share their ideas with Mitsui, the Principal. I try to set aside time to speak to each member of our staff individually, listen to their current goals and try to help resolve any difficulties they are experiencing; to ensure that they are getting adequate support and guidance working at this company.


Since I am also one of the members in charge of recruitment, I would like to share what we look for in new members of staff. In our company the ability to communicate effectively is very important, whether it is inside the office or outside the working environments. We also look for someone who, even in unfamiliar situations, can elaborate and extend the conversation, shedding light on new ideas and perspectives. This skill not only requires conversational abilities, but also the relevant knowledge and awareness across a broad range of fields. We believe there is no irrelevant knowledge, even if it is not directly related to his or her occupational field, because architecture and design is essential and integral to everyday lives. We welcome hardworking and dedicated designers with deep appreciation of good design, and the willingness to share their idea and opinions, and accept criticisms in a dynamic, interactive working environment.



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