• Managing Officer
  • KANSAI OFFICE General Manager

Kazuhisa Otsu

  • 12 years with the company
  • Joined mid-career in 2007

Positive thinkers are
the strength of
collaborative work


What I have valued since I joined the company

I have five years of experience working at my previous company. Working at JMA/PCPAJ, I get to enjoy working and communicating with different people involved in the projects. JMA/PCPAJ pursues architecture that is ideally suited to the location through engaging in ongoing dialogue with our clients and our associate companies. When I propose designs, I try to clarify what our plans will bring to the clients and the end-users. I never start with a vague statement such as “What about barrier-free design?” Instead, I would say, “Let’s make a place that can be used by everyone for a long time,” so that they can easily get the picture of the specific design effects.


Dialogue among staff creates synergy

Dialogue is valued in the office. Therefore, there is an open atmosphere within our team, which is not only advantageous but is essential to a smooth collaboration. When I was assigned a task in my third year with the company, I could be sure that my boss and senior colleagues would be there to support me and help me in case I had any problems. The president of the firm, executives and new employees can all speak frankly and inspire one another. In order to design buildings through users’ perspectives, we need various knowledge, experience, and skills. Therefore, dialogue among staff may be the most important thing. This is why we would like to work with people who have a broadly positive and optimistic outlook.


The virtue of the KANSAI OFFICE

The KANSAI OFFICE, where I am the general manager, is smaller than the Tokyo Head Office. It is so small that when our principal Mr. Mitsui visits us, everyone in the office can hear the conversation and fell close to Mr. Mitsui. This is why the workers have all the latest information on the company and projects. The office also has a laid-back atmosphere that our clients and representatives of our associate companies often drop in just to chat about the weather or ask how the business is going. Kansai, where our business is based is small compared to Tokyo, but there are momentum and awareness for town planning. In Kansai, there are few design offices that can produce grand designs for town planning. I believe that JMA/PCPAJ will make a significant contribution.



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