Sendai Miyagino Building

Office, Hotel, Commercial / 2020

Type Office, Hotel, Commercial
Service Architecture / Interior
Client Fujita Corporation
Project Team Design Architect / Jun Mitsui & Associates Inc. Architects, Design and Supervision / Fujita Corporation
Construction Fujita Corporation
Total floor area 13,732.77㎡ 
Floor, Structure 16F, S
Location 3-7-33 Tsutsujigaoka, Miyagino-ku, Sendai City, Miyagi

Wind blowing through trees

The project is for a commercial complex (offices, hotels, stores) facing Miyagino Street extending east from Sendai Station. In 2016, the widening and redevelopment of the Sendai Station East-West Free Passage was completed, the new ticket gates, the grand opening of commercial facilities, and the impression of the East Exit of the station has changed drastically. In this project, we adopted “wind blowing through trees” as its design concept in the hope of spreading the bustle of the station to the streets. On our first visit in early summer, Miyagino Street welcomed us with refreshing streams of the fountain and the waterscape and gently swaying leaves of fully grown street zelkova trees.

Miyagino no                          I await my love
Motoara no kohagi              as in Miyagino fields
Tsuyu o omomi                    thin-branched bush clover
Kaze o matsu goto               waits for the wind to brush off
Kimi o koso mate.                Its heavy burden of dew.
—Anonymous. Topic unknown

Along the street, ten monuments inscribed with a Japanese poem composed on the theme of Miyagino, half of which are about the “wind”. Miyagino has been alluded to as an utamakura (a place famed in classical Japanese poetry) since the Heian period and was a place where townspeople’s thoughts went to. We have a plane shape with soft curves and directions reminiscent of “wind”, the façade, which transforms the vertical white stripes into a gradual one, creates a light image of a piece of cloth swaying in the wind.

We hope that this building becomes a keystone of the circulation of the bustle of Miyagino Street as well as its community development.




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