• De Beers Ginza Building (Currently known as V88 Building)

De Beers Ginza Building (Currently known as V88 Building)

Commercial / 2007

Type Commercial
Service Architecture
Client -
Project Team Basic Design / Jun Mitsui & Associates, TAISEI CORPORATION
Construction Taisei Corporation
Total floor area 3,997.3㎡
Floor, Structure 11F/B2F, S/Column: CFT
Location 2-5-11, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Photograph Naoomi Kurozumi
Award Japan Stainless Steel Association Prize(2009)

About the Project

Ginza is renowned around the world as a commercial hotspot in Tokyo. Marronnier street in Ginza is an especially bright street lined with great buildings each with their own individuality and architectural design. We felt that the De Beers Ginza Building should express the brightness and the glow of Ginza at the same time. For the design, what we imagined firstly was an image of gently curving streams of light. Like a light ribbon being held above the ground, or the aurora that changes its colour and shape continuously, we thought it should have a bright and graceful form with curved lines that look like a women’s beautiful silhouette. We decided to brighten the stainless steel to appear like a diamond glitter along the silhouette to give it a sensitive look. The building has been constructed with stainless steel being rolled out in a curved shape. Each stainless steel surface has a special finish, so the appearance reflects the light of the sky and the town sensitively and changes its appearance throughout the day with the movement of the sun. At the same time, the architectural expression shows infinite changes depending on the position it is seen from. Ginza has always been on the frontier of design, adopting changes over time to form the town. De Beers Ginza is a part of that tradition and our design is an expression of this ever changing town on the frontier of architectural design.



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