• Prestige International Akita BPO Yokote Campus

Prestige International Akita BPO Yokote Campus

Office / 2019

Type Office
Service Architecture / Landscape / Interior
Client Prestige International Inc.
Project Team Design Architect / Jun Mitsui & Associates Inc. Architects, Design and Supervision / Fujita Corporation
Construction Fujita Corporation
Total floor area 5,238.59㎡
Floor, Structure 1F, S
Location 4-3 Yanagida, Yokote-shi, Akita
Photograph Naoomi Kurozumi
Award Tohoku New Office Encouragement Award at the 35th Nikkei New Office Awards

About the Project

Prestige International Inc. which has a long history of creating local employment in regional cities of japan gave birth to a new business base in Yokote.

Under the concept of “smiles that bloom beneath the trefoil clover”, business space and welfare facilities are created in a clover-shaped floor plan. The flow plan arranges meeting rooms and relaxation space in a versatile space full of natural light.
The plan can be characterized by the company cafeteria. By placing it outside of the secured business area, we kept the building open for local people instead of keeping it exclusive for staff. This way, the company cafeteria can be a common café for families and friends and can also be used as a venue by the company to host public events. We aimed at creating a space that will be a place for precious encounters that connect and grows with the local beyond the functions of a company.
Each year Yokote has an average snow depth of 2m. We installed a large skylight to bring natural sunlight into the building and adopted a warm color scheme based on wood to make the long winter season comfortable. Inside the office are plenty of foliage plants to exude an air of calm for the relaxing effect.

Considering the working environment where 70% of the company are women, we incorporated a lighting plan. The facility goes in harmony with circadian rhythm (a 24-hour biological rhythm where people wake up early in the morning, engage in activities in the daytime and sleep at night) to achieve a healthy and comfortable office environment. We hope that Akita BPO Yokote Campus will be cherished by both company staff and local people as a comfortable, home-like office.



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