Oval Court Osaki

Residential, Office, Commercial / 2001

Type Residential, Office, Commercial
Service Architecture / Landscape / Interior
Client Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd.
Project Team Design Architects / Jun Mitsui & Associates, Design and Supervision / NIHON SEKKEI,INC.
Construction Oval Court Osaki Mark West:Taisei+Fujita+MAEDA JV
Oval Court Osaki View Plaza, THE PARK TOWER TOKYO SOUTH:Fujita+Taisei+MAEDA JV
Total floor area (Office) 29,236.96㎡, (Residential) 35,745.67㎡, (Rental Housing) 7,804.24㎡
Floor, Structure Office : 17F/B2F, RC/SRC, Residential : 30F/B2F, RC, Rental Housing : 10F/B1F, RC/SRC
Location 2-17, Higashigotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Photograph Naoomi Kurozumi, SS.inc
Award Good Design Award(2001)

About the Project

This was our first project which was designed along the lines of the ‘Urban design guidelines’, which indicate the ways in which urban space centering the streets should be, so the origin of the design has been created with the intention of carrying out the process of development in stages. The urban space, architecture, landscape and street furniture are related as one continuum that gives a city its structure with life occuring in the ‘connections’ that link individual components of the town. They set up a character that has unity with the skyline that is created through the architecture and street space, town squares, parks and central courtyards and multiple buildings. To design is to visualize the various relationships and to control the atmosphere. Building up a town takes a long time, even for this town area, it took over ten years to create, so it is not easy to develop a town and keep the design in line with what may fit neighbouring areas which will be developed in the future.

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